Once again, I'm the willing guinea pig for Jaymz and Producer Mike!

Please join us, along with Cory Osborn of "The Osborn Experience" in the 8 a.m. hour Thursday for all the 'fun'.

Sometimes, I think I'm too good of a sport for my own good. Years ago, when KRNA was in its previous incarnation as a classic rock station, before the 20 back and forth format changes since, I was hypnotized, on the air, on the station's morning show. The then-hosts and I were all wrestling fans so at the time I was transformed into the snobby British aristocrat-type character "Lord Steven Regal".


Fast forward to this week as all things come 'full circle'. KRNA is once again a classic rock station, and I will be back on with my pals and current morning hosts Jaymz Larson and Producer Mike to get hypnotized.

Since I've done this before, I'm not that nervous, but given some of the shenanigans Jaymz has gotten me into in the past, maybe I should be!!

Maybe this time I can get hypnotized to do something useful, like commit once and for all to working out regularly, or say no to these little stunts I so easily agree to for their, and your amusement.

See you then!

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