As most of you know, I like to drink beer. So when management told me I have to start sampling a new IPA once a day, I had no issues....they had me at hello.

It's the Craft Beer Corner, with my good buddy Drew from the Mellow Mushroom. Drew visits The KRNA Morning Show every weekday at 7:45 a.m. He brings me a new beer each day to enjoy and to critique. We are in week #3, and everyday it's something new!

The Mellow Mushroom is located at 1451 Coral Ridge Avenue in Coralville. Drew has 74 beers on tap for you to choose from. At Mellow Mushroom, they pride themselves on offering a unique and diverse selection of the best brews available. After all, nothing goes better with handcrafted pizza then an ice cold beer!

When you visit the Mellow Mushroom, ask for the 94.1 KRNA special. The beer we sample in the morning is just two bucks for the first glass and three dollars for every glass after. It's an awesome deal, check it out!

For more information on the Mellow Mushroom, visit their official web page here. Remember to listen to Drew at 7:45 a.m. everyday on The KRNA Morning Show!


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