Here goes another MILLION DOLLAR idea that I'm giving away. But just do it, because I want it to happen and I'm too lazy to do it myself!

There's always a ton of festivals in Iowa every year. Beer fest, Bacon fest, Brat fest and many more. But why is Mac & Cheese always left out! Damn it, let's have a big cheese and noodle festival right here in the "City of Five Seasons!"

Here's how it could work: Pick a Saturday in June or July and rent out the McGrath Amphitheatre. Invite local vendors to feature their mac & cheese. Get a few local bands to play and serve ice cold beer. Throw some spots on the radio and we're golden.

FInd a corporate sponsor, like Kraft or Velveeta, to put their name on the event. That money should help with the advertising costs and venue rental. It would be one big cheese party and everyone would love it! Trust me.

I'd also hook up with a local organization like the Cedar Rapids Jaycees. Give a portion of the proceeds from the event to their group in exchange for staff and support. I've seen them in action at Uptown Friday Nights and nobody does it better. A partnership like that would put this event over the top!

Ticket sales is where you make your money back. Charge $25.00, but offer unlimited sampling. You could even charge your vendors to feature their mac & cheese at the event. You're making money on both sides and your vendors get a huge crowd to showcase their food in front of. It's perfect.

That's my idea....pick a date and let me know when and where I should show go. Let's do this, Cedar Rapids. I promise you---it will be epic.

I'm ready for the inaugural "CR Mac & Cheese Festival!"

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