A flurry of controversy has surrounded the release of the KRNA Top Ten Best Band finalists over the weekend.

Voting was strong during the first few days of balloting as the blog reached over 10,000 followers  within the first 48 hours.

KRNA reported a record numbers of votes cast on the first day of balloting. Voting concludes Thursday, May 4 at 12:00 a.m. midnight.

Fans can vote once per day.

Two issued of controversy arose within hours of the polls opening on Friday

Some fans were perplexed why bands from multiple genres of music, including country, were included among the Top Ten.

Another criticism is that the "Best Band" competition is really just a popularity contest, this it should be renamed a "favorite" band contest, instead of a 'best' band.

It is a fact that KRNA's labeling of the entire competition has included the wording 'best' and 'favorite' interchangeably.

Comments on the KRNA Facebook page also criticized the fact that all ten bands play cover songs. Some, but not all, also play originals.

While some band members and fans advocate for a change in the naming of the contest, others commentators remain philosophical and even comical in their replies.

The KRNA morning show will invite listeners to discuss both sides of this issue on Monday morning at 6:00 with host Jaymz Larson and Mike Ferris in hopes of resolving this conflict.

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