As you may have heard, back in July of 2019 KCRG TV-9 news anchor Bruce Aune announced his retirement. With Bruce retiring, we all wondered who would replace him and sit in the "big chair."

It was announced earlier this week that Chris Earl got the job. He will leave the morning broadcast and replace Bruce on the 6 and 10 newscast. I think they made the right choice and Chris will be a perfect fit.

Earl will be my guest today on The KRNA Morning Show. He will join us at 7:45 and sit in for about thirty minutes. We will talk to him about his new gig and find out what he's looking forward to the most with this new gig.

If you'd like to ask Chris a question, comment below and we will be sure to ask him. You can join us this morning on 94.1 KRNA or via the mobile app by clicking here.

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