For the last ten years, Justin Roberts has been delivering the morning and midday weather at CBS2 & FOX 28. That came to end Monday, April 17th, as Justin's contract with KGAN TV was not renewed.

It's sad news to all of us here in Eastern Iowa. Justin was with the company for a total of fifteen years, ten of those in front of the camera. People loved his weather reports and on-air personality because he is genuine and trustworthy. Over the last decade, he's made a lot of friendships and has been a very welcome visitor in Eastern Iowa homes.

I asked him what he will miss most about working at CBS2. He told me, "I'm really going to miss my co-workers. They were all so much fun to work with and I loved being a part of the family at Broadcast Park."

Justin and I have been friends for a very long time. He's the kind of person that makes it easy to become close to. I can verify that not only is he a talented broadcaster, he's also a fantastic human being.

So, the next time you see him in his tuxedo, emceeing a gig, make sure you get a handshake or picture with him..... A guy with his talent is bound for bigger and better things.

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