One customer of Jimmy John's isn't happy with their service after their delivery driver dumped her order right in the middle of the driveway.

The customer shared Ring security camera footage of the incident on TikTok, on her account, Meg Moreal.

The footage shows a car backing up the driveway to the house, allegedly driven by a Jimmy John's delivery guy. Then, the driver throws open the car door. When you think he's about to get out and walk up to the house to drop off a bag, the wrapped sandwich is just dropped in the middle of the driveway, right on the concrete.

“This is how my sub was delivered! Jimmy John’s store delivery person…” the video’s on-screen text says.

Here's a better angle from the driveway itself, showing the car backing up the driveway and the driver deliberately tossing the sandwich on the ground.

TikTok users were quick to blow up the video, laughing about different aspects of it.

“I’m sorry it’s the sound of it hitting the driveway that gets me,” one viewer wrote.

“I find this hilarious,” a second viewer commented. Moreal replied, “Right? I mean it’s so bad it’s funny! Lol.”

Many asked about what the tip Meg Moreal tipped the driver, as that could've played into the behavior of the driver.

A third TikTok showed the tip she gave. On a $10.89 order, a tip of $2.18 was given - 20%, or above the suggested 15% tip given. However, some didn't agree with the amount.

“You are asking them to drive to your house so $2.18 is a little insulting considering gas prices now," one user said, which some others agreed with, but others disagreed.

“Tip or no, delivery drivers have a job to do and should do it respectfully. Some people can’t tip $5 on a $10 order. I get that,” another replied.

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