Over the weekend, I took a trip to Denver, Colorado. I flew out early on Saturday morning on the United direct from Cedar Rapids. The flight was nice and quick and I was in the "Mile High City" in under two hours.

When I arrived, I met up with one of my friends at the airport. For the sake of the story, we'll call him Pat. That's actually his name, so it works perfectly and I don't think he reads my blogs anyway.

As most of you know, pot is legal in the state of Colorado. It seems like everywhere you go you can smell it. People are smoking it on street corners, outside of bars and even walking down the street. It's all over the place out there.

I'll be honest, I don't smoke marijuana...not that there is anything wrong with it...but my friend Pat is the complete opposite. He loves THE GREEN LEAF more than anything else in this world. If he could smoke dope for a living, he would. You could call him a real "pot head."

Because I was sharing an Uber with Pat, he insisted we stop at a dispensary. I was curious, so I went in with him. The set-up was a bit sketchy and the place was in a real crappy neighborhood. You opened the door and had to show a legal I.D. before getting in to the room with the drugs. Once you were in the room, it was like a cigarette shop...but for weed. It was a small room filled with pot and featured three half-baked millennials working behind the counter.

They had everything. Joints, blunts, buds, cookies, candies, and liquids. It was wall to wall pot. It was interesting to see the different flavors and styles of smoke. When I was a kid, all we had was Minnesota ditch weed that just made us dizzy. No ditch weed here, though! This place was the World Series of Mary Jane.

Pat went crazy. I think his total bill was like $400. He was high the entire trip and ended up spending a lot of time huddled up in his hotel room. It was obvious he was enjoying his buffet of Ganja. The pot however, was much stronger than he was used to. That made him very hungry...and sleepy.

It was so weird walking into a business where it's totally legal to purchase weed. Here in Iowa, you would go to jail for possessing any of the items Pat purchased that day.

So my question to you: Should pot be legal in Iowa? Comment below and we'll discuss it on The KRNA Morning Show!

International Cannabis And Hemp Expo Held In San Francisco
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