Okay, this is super weird.

I came across a Facebook video today for a chicken Cordon Bleu recipe. What could possible make a video about chicken Cordon Bleu X-rated? Just watch, you'll find out very quickly.

The way they prepare the chicken breasts is a little weird. They make the chicken look like "lady parts." I'll be honest, I'm blushing as I write this blog.

It's OBVIOUS they knew what they were doing. I'm a little grossed out...but you have to see the clip!

I ask myself, does this make me hungry? Or should I feel dirty? The better question--what am I hungry for?  Dude, this has me all discombobulated! I'm torn....right down the middle.

The video comes courtesy of the ChefClub Network. A bunch of sickos with too much time on their hands

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