Earns over $50,000 a year.

Even though unemployment rose last month, the U.S. Labor Report is still moving right along. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected the fastest growing jobs across the country.

Iowa teams up with Colorado, Nebraska, and Texas as the states where the fastest growing job is being a Wind Turbine Service Technician. BLS says that wind turbine service technicians "inspect, diagnose, adjust, or repair wind turbines" and "perform maintenance on wind turbine equipment including resolving electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic malfunctions."

When googling the salary for a Wind Turbine Service Technician it says that they make $51,000 but there are also reports that this job earns $25.91 an hour or $53,880 a year.

Iowa is the state that has the second most wind turbines with 6,917. Texas has the most with over 20,000.

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