As a radio personality, I've been able to enjoy more concerts than I can possibly count, but there are a few that stand out above all the others.

Just a few days ago, Facebook reminded me of a show that I went to back in February of 2017. We got to see country star Dierks Bentley at the U.S. Cell Center in Cedar Rapids, and before the concert, we were taken backstage to a small room decorated with tapestries, lights, and a bar. Dierks then proceeded to be our BARTENDER for the evening! It was a truly surreal experience.


Hanging out with Garth Brooks before his show while he was chilling in some sweatpants and doing shots on stage during my first U.S. Cell Center concert (Brad Paisley) are a few other memorable moments for me.

We asked listeners on Facebook to tell us about their most awesome concert experiences ever, and some of them absolutely blow mine out of the water! Check out some of these stories:

Now we want to hear YOUR stories! Tell us about your coolest concert experience ever in the comments below!