Can you believe Valentine's Day is next weekend? That's right around the corner. Valentine's Day isn't just about showing the ones you love just how much they mean to you. It's also about the sweets (at least for me anyways). Whether it's candy bars, cake, or chocolate, you're probably going to enjoy some sort of treat on Valentine's Day. Here in Iowa, our favorite V-Day candy may surprise you.

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Zippia used Google Trends to find each state's favorite Valentine's Day candy. To determine this, Zippia defined "Valentine’s Day candy as candies that peaked in search volume for the big day, then filtered what candy is searched a disproportionately, high amount in each state." For Iowa it was conversation hearts. What? I haven't had these since I was a kid, and even then there were better choices. Conversation hearts were the top candy in only three other states. This is a downgrade from last year's favorite candy, in my opinion.

The overall most popular Valentine's Day candy is right up my alley-- chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! That's my absolute favorite dessert. So much so that I make them regularly at home (it's a problem).

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What's your favorite Valentine's Day dessert? How are you celebrating the day in 2021? Let us know. Send us a message in the app. Happy Valentine's Day!

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