It may not be as crazy as it first sounds, but it still sounds kind of gross.

Shelby Smith of Story County Iowa, has started a cricket farm. Yes, a cricket farm called Gym-N-Eats Crickets.

Shelby says raising the chirping bugs is like "mini-livestock" and now she dry roasts the critters, mixes them with nuts and honey to create tasty protein balls and other high-protein snacks.

According to KCRG, Shelby told the Des Moines Register she doesn't expect crickets to replace beef or pork - she sees it more as an "alternative" source of potential farming revenue.

She admits she is unsure how popular the crickets will be at area Farmers Markets this season, but she's hopeful.

"It will be interesting to see if people can get over the eyes and the legs," she said. "Some people can get past the eyes and legs; some people can't."

If you're daring, you might like the maple cinnamon, ranch and fiesta-flavored whole roasted crickets.

Or you may just want to stick to beef jerky.

[source: KCRG]

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