Ho, ho, ho it's the holiday season! As inflatable Santa's pop-up everywhere and cheer (and unseasonably warm weather) are in the air, we've also reached that time of the year where we get the end of the year statistics and studies. Many are silly, many that make you roll your eyes. Now, I don't have a study, though CNBC does say we'll tip more for the holidays. I actually come to you with a sort of plea. That is, as we head out of 2021 and into 2022, please tip more. If you can afford to, of course.

'Tis a pandemic so please tip more (fa la la la a lot)

Leaving 2021 we know Iowans and Americans overall plan to tip more for the holidays. I shared the link above, feel free to check it out, or, in a nutshell, we'll tip more during the holidays, and tip people we don't normally tip. Now, onto why it's important to keep this up. I for one don't want to see more employees exit the customer service industry.

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In 2020, we couldn't do much of anything. Everything fell by the wayside. COVID shut 'er down. In 2021, we got back to... erm, "normal". Still very much in a pandemic, but concerts are back, sports, etc. With that came a huge work shortage. We have seen businesses close early, or stay closed on certain days they'd have been open. Why don't people want "tippable" jobs? There are, I'm sure, many reasons. But it's all the more reason to be generous and share some love with your wait staff, with a coffee barista, hairstylist, etc. You still don't have to tip your fav. radio DJ, by the way.

Jar for Tips with Money

What will 2022 look like?

Don't focus on the news too much. Please. It's almost always negative. I'll only dip a toe into the COVID pool. No, not COVID toe, that's for Aaron Rodgers. The outlook for 2022 is more volatility. That simply means more workforce issues. That's why, again, it's important to show love to our current workforce. If you can, please give 'em a little extra this Christmas, and in 2022.

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