Iowa State Cyclones football fans are cautiously optimistic with news from Ames today, that their team will host the Ball State Cardinals on Saturday, September 12.

The date had previously been scheduled for the traditional Cy-Hawk game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State. But thanks to you-know-what, that's not gonnal happen this year. Damn that virus!

The Iowa Hawkeyes were told they will play no non-conference games this year as part of the Big Ten's pandemic scheduling plans. We get it. But we're not sure how that damn virus will recognize the difference between the Big Ten, Big 12 or MAC conference teams. Of course, safety really should be the priority, so we'll lay aside the snark for now.

Iowa's News Now reported that Ball State's ability to participate in this rescheduling also came as the result of the Big Ten’s plans. The Cardinals were prepared to play the Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor originally on September 12, but that also was shut down.

As it stands now, this matchup might not be any easier of a task for the Cardinals than facing the always-tough Wolverines at home.

It will be only the second time that Iowa State and Ball State have met, the first time was way back in 1998 when the Cyclones crushed the Cardinals 38-0.

Last year the Ball State Cardinals had a season record of 5-7, with a 4-4 MAC conference record. The Cyclones finished 2019 with a 7-6 overall record and a 5–4 Big 12 conference record.

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