I've lived in the Midwest my whole life. I've bounced around thanks to my career, but I've never left the region. I've also had a couple of stints here in the Hawkeye State. One thing I've been able to do in my job is bring new people to the state for work.

So what are some of the different aspects of Iowa living that have shocked them? What are the dare I say, jaw-dropping parts of Iowa living that left them scratching their heads? I have compiled a list that I think you'll find very fitting.

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First off, I didn't chalk this full of Iowa stereotypes. There's nothing about Busch Light or pork since it's well known Iowa has a love for both of those. But, I do think you'll find some stereotypes inevitably permeate daily life, and so corn and farming are represented.


Our unique slice of America is certainly different than our neighbors, too. As you will see quickly if you visit, say Minnesota or Wisconsin, it's all about water and cabins. While we have water here in Iowa, it's not on the same level as in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Let's have a look at the most shocking things anyone who's only been in Iowa for one year will experience!

10 Things That Shock Folks During Their First Year in Iowa

For anyone moving to Iowa from... well, anywhere, there are a few things that will surprise you.

How about the perfect home for any Iowa farmer? Or maybe, perfect LOOKING home? Check out this midwestern "silo style" property! And tell that special farmer in your life they need to copy the design!

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It's a unique home that, while it looks like a set of silos, is still very practical inside!

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