After months of going back and forth, I finally adopted two kittens!

When I first moved into my new apartment building a few months ago, I had been excited at the idea of getting a pet. My landlord allows cats and I've seen a dog or two circling the block, so it's a pretty pet-friendly area.

I kept looking for the perfect companion for me, but things never seemed to line up. That was until I got an email from a co-worker.

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He and his wife caught two kittens in live traps by their house. They saw the momma prowling around somewhere outside but couldn't catch her. The couple said that they saw some other kittens, but these were the ones they could find and save.

He sent me a photo and said the orange one on the left could be mine! They set the siblings up in a rabbit cage and proceeded to try and tame them.

Bob James
Bob James

The kitties were very lucky! Not only were they found and rescued by a kind and animal loving couple, but oftentimes kittens in the wild born around the fall have a lesser chance of making it through the winter.

So, since this cat technically fell into my lap, I decided to go pay him or her a visit to see if we got along. When I got to my co-worker's place, he mentioned to me that the gray one was also available now.

It's recommended that kittens are adopted in pairs. They will entertain themselves and teach each other important skills! Plus, two kitties are cuter than one, right?

 The orange kitten was a bit spicier than we initially thought. However, after a few minutes he started warming up to me and was even purring like a motorboat. 


I knew after seeing both of them together, I couldn't separate them.

After taking a bit of a closer look, we were able to determine that the orange cat is a boy and the gray one is a girl.

So, the next week I brought them home.


When I brought these two cuties home, it was a bit of an adjustment for everyone. I brought them into my bathroom at my apartment. My bedroom and bathroom are attached so I set up their bowls, litter boxes and toys in their so they wouldn’t get too overwhelmed while still giving them the freedom to explore this new space if they wanted to.

They were very cautious and scared that first night. When you go on your first car ride in your little kitten life and go to a brand-new place, I’d imagine you’d be a bit scared.

The next morning as I left to head out to the UNI homecoming parade, I went in to check on them. They had used the litter box and had eaten! 

However, the place they decided to sleep wasn’t the bed I set up for them or their cute little cat carrier; it was behind the washing machine.

I tried to coax them out, but it seemed like that wouldn’t work. They were comfortable and relaxed so I let them be. At some point, they would have to come out, right?

Well, several hours later when I got home, I saw that they were still behind the washing machine! 

I was in a conundrum. First off, how was I supposed to get the cats out of there?

Would they end up just being my weird, furry little neighbors who lived behind the machine?

And how on earth am I going to wash my clothes?

I’ll be honest…I was getting a bit disappointed and frustrated.

Not with the cats, but with myself!

Maybe they don’t like me…

Maybe I got the wrong cat food or litter…

Maybe I’m doing everything wrong…

I’m a horrible cat mom…

Then, things started to change up on Saturday night.

I went to the bathroom and just sat there on my phone. It was the gray girl who was getting a bit adventurous at first. I left treats on the side of the washing machine where they were hiding out. 

The kitty started to slowly make her way out to nibble on the treats and play with some of the toys. She even crept all the way to the front and even started playing with this weird little catch scratcher thing.

As soon as I went to grab more treats to get her to come closer, she was gone. Then her brother came out with her the next time

I couldn’t move a muscle or else the cats would be scared off. So, I would toss some treats and try to get a little bit closer to them.


The next day they got out and explored the bathroom a little more. I have a one-bedroom apartment with the bathroom connected to where I sleep, so I just left my bathroom door open so they could check everything out.

On Monday, they moved from hiding behind the washing machine, to hiding underneath the bed. Progress! I gave them treats and even had the gray girl eating out of my hand!

The next day, they let me pet them a bit while they stayed under the bed. That morning I even woke up to them sleeping on my feet.

Wednesday was when everything shifted. I gave them a sort of cat go-gurt treat. They absolutely loved it and were coming up and licking it off of my fingers. I even pet them a little bit more while they were eating.

Then, on Thursday afternoon, the kitty siblings jumped on my bed and started cuddling each other in my lap. Before I knew it, they were coming up and letting me pet them and snuggle a bit.

After a LONG few days of getting used to each other, we're finally turning into a little family.

So...introducing August (the orange kitten) and Cornelia (the gray kitten). And yes, I did name them after Taylor Swift songs.

Now, they cuddle up with me at night and sleep on my bed! I am so excited for the years of fun, friendship, and furry cuddles we'll have together!




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