The headline of this story will lead you to believe we're headed somewhere political. Technically, we're headed to an Iowa presidential rally. With the Iowa caucuses just weeks away, that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. What may surprise you is that Iowa's All-American punter Tory Taylor attended one of these rallies last week in Coralville, and the Aussie native says he has "no political agenda."

First, let's set the stage. The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that last Wednesday Taylor attended a rally in Coralville held by former President Donald Trump. Taylor was seated next to former U.S. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, a former Hawkeye football player himself. That was when Trump noticed Taylor and gave him a shout-out.

Trump even asked if he could be Taylor's agent. It was a planned move by a candidate running for President. And how better to look good in front of Iowans than by mentioning one of our brightest football stars? Flash forward a week and word had gotten out about Taylor attending the rally. Why did he attend? He told the Gazette that he was curious.

I don't have any political agenda or anything like that whatsoever. When I got here, was it three years ago, he was the president. I just thought my time at Iowa is nearly up. I’ll just go and see what it’s about...I can’t vote or anything like that, so I don’t worry about that stuff.

Taylor told the Gazette that it would be the same if he were in the U.K. and had a chance to go see King Charles. He just wanted to see what it was all about.

And as Taylor mentioned, even if he wanted to support a candidate on January 15th, he can't. He's from Australia. So here ends talk about the Punter and the President. Another amazing experience for Tory Taylor while living in Iowa.


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