Go to lunch and win $100,000? It happened to Lester Overton of Des Moines.

On his way to meet up with his brother, Lester stopped at Casey's and bought a $10 "Power 10s" scratch card from the Iowa Lottery.

On his last day of a vacation from work he then went to lunch with his brother, who witnessed Lester scratching his way to riches. He thought he might be lucky to win $100 but picking up the fourth-highest payout in the history of the "Power 10s" was more than he could dream of. The auto-parts store employee was quoted as saying:

I just couldn’t believe it. It ruined my lunch. I sat down to lunch and I couldn’t eat, and I said, ‘Let’s go to the lottery office

The odds of winning the $100,000 prize in this game are 1 in 121,428.

He's going to use the money to pay bills, purchase a new car and save the rest. No word on whether he bought his brother's lunch that day.

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