According to the Associated Press via CBS2, "A Des Moines man has been charged with 15 counts of animal neglect after police removed nearly 50 cats -- many of them dead -- from his home last month."

The person arrested was 55-year-old Leland Moffitt. Authorities removed 32 alive and 17 dead cats from his domicile. The report stated there was several inches of animal feces and garbage all over the floor of the house. Authorities also found almost a dozen cats hiding in the walls of the house.

Moffitt is being charged with 15 counts of animal neglect. The maximum amount of cats allowed per household in Des Moines is 6. He was clearly over that amount. We will continue to update this story when we learn more details.

As a cat owner, this makes me very angry. I'm glad Animal Control was able to get in the residence and rescue the animals.

[Source: AP via CBS2]

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