A SCARY set of numbers popped up last week in Iowa Lottery's Pick 3 game. On Saturday, September 15th, the winning pick 3 combination was 6-6-6. That's right, the sign of the Devil!!  I'm a little freaked out.

There were 91 winning tickets that had the correct combination. Looking at past lottery results, that's the most winners in one day in A VERY LONG TIME. It appears people like that number...but why?

666 has always freaked me out. I mean, it's the Number of the Beast! I would be VERY nervous cashing a ticket with those numbers. $600 is not worth it for a life in Hell! But why would people even think to play that set of numbers in the first place?

I feel the combination is more bad luck than good luck. I've had the total come up at the gas station before and I quickly put a beef stick on the counter, so I'm not paying $6.66!!!!

Congratulations to the 91 people that won on September 15th....I'll see you all in church on Sunday.

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