There were so many more Iowans stuck at home recently. Between a 2+ year pandemic, and winter, we've been hunkered down a lot more. On the plus side, during that time, many of us got more interested in cooking and baking. Myself included though, I'm still not great at it, to be honest.

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While we've been burying ourselves in recipes and homemade meals, we've also invested in some new kitchen gadgets. And, I was able to scout Amazon's Kitchen and home section to find exactly what we Iowans are buying the most of.

Photo by Im3rd Media on Unsplash
Photo by Im3rd Media on Unsplash


I've taken the basics off - like microwaves and refrigerators. We all have those in our houses and apartments. I instead chose to focus on kitchen items you could live without, but apparently don't want to.

Also, you won't find air fryers on this list - for that matter, nothing, except for one item, that plugs into an outlet. These are all items that, again, one can function without.

Now look, some of these items are quite frivolous and seem unnecessary. So for these items, I remind myself, to each their own. You may have something I deem silly on this list, and I may have three of something you dub stupid. So no judging. Okay, minimal judging.

Kitchen Items Iowans Are In Love With

We've been buying these items in the past year like crazy!

Now that you're up to speed on what your fellow Iowans are holding onto in their kitchens, why not take a look at your DREAM home. Trust me, you'll really want to see more of this bad boy after just a couple of photos.

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