Iowa's three public universities dealt a blow to student fun on Monday by canceling spring break. Yes, I know. How will our youth properly celebrate being young and carefree? Officials at Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI hope they celebrate by not gathering and contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that all three universities will start the spring semester later than originally planned. The new start date is January 25th, one week later than the planned date of January 19th. Iowa State and UNI had planned to resume classes on January 11th. School officials at UNI said they were not aware of a year when spring break had ever been canceled.

All three universities on Monday also confirmed that the spring semester will look a lot like this one, with classes offered in the same way. Hybrid learning, with some classes in person, some online, and some a mixture of both. The Gazette reports that many at the University of Iowa aren't happy that in person learning is even an option. A 'sick-out' was recently held to protest the in person learning options. Over 900 people signed up to participate, including students and staff.

In the changes announced on Monday, University of Iowa officials said the winter session will begin as planned on December 28th, but extend a week later through January 22nd, to give students four weeks of mostly online classes.

Sorry college students. 2020 has forced us all to make sacrifices. If the worst one you have to make is canceling your overpriced trip to Daytona Beach, count yourself as lucky.

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