"Supply chain shortages" are the name of the game this year, and with the holidays just ahead of us, one of those includes one of the much-needed centerpieces of our Thanksgiving table--the turkey!

CBS2 talked to experts that said it's not a problem here in Iowa, and for a few reasons. You could blame nationwide shortages on the pandemic, but it's not quite that simple, says Mark Jordan. Jordan is the senior livestock economist for Leap Market Analytics and says turkey production has been down across the country since before the pandemic hit. The purchase of whole turkeys has also been down, as more people are simply going for the legs or breasts or choosing chicken or ham instead.

What makes Iowa so special to be spared from this shortage?

More or less, Iowa knows how to plan ahead. Jordan says:

The major supermarkets tend to stock up pretty well. Most producers have good relationships with them trying to keep them well supplied. Even if numbers are lower than usual, most of your supermarkets may have something two weeks out from the holiday

While the rest of the country may be clucking with panic over whether or not they'll get their turkey, according to  Morgan Minneham of the Iowa Turkey Federation. Minneham says Iowans can "rest assured" there will be enough turkeys for the season. It also helps that the birds have not seen a significant increase in price in recent years (that's a rarity in itself, right?) The only caveat? You may have to settle for a smaller (or larger) size turkey than you have your heart set on.

It's some rare good news. Still, have you looked at the calendar lately? It's just a couple of weeks away, and it's always wise to buy early. As always, those looking to order a "farm-fresh" turkey (not from a supermarket) should do so ASAP. Here's wishing you the best in your turkey-purchasing endeavors and all the rest that goes with a Happy Thanksgiving!

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