Here in Iowa, we take some things for granted. The beautiful scenery, with rolling farmland, and even some lovely bluffs (in Northeast Iowa). For those who don't farm, you also may not think much of the grain bins that dot Iowa farmland, but maybe this Airbnb will change your perspective on what a farmer can do with his/her grain bin space.

Stay in the middle of an Iowa cornfield

Even if you've lived your whole life in the state, chances are you've never spent a night in a grain bin. Certainly, a functioning grain bin would be an incredibly dangerous place to stay. Not so much this option.

Located in Fayette, which is an hour north of Waterloo, and less than 90 minutes north of Cedar Rapids, this Airbnb sports AC for the summer and can hold 5 people comfortably. Costing $130 a night, the bin is 19 feet tall and makes amazing use of its surroundings. There are several Adirondack chairs surrounding a lovely fire pit just outside, right next to the corn. If you were a tourist to the state of Iowa, you'd HAVE to check this place out for sure.

So, are you ready to have a look inside?

Yep, You Can Stay in an Actual Iowa Grain Bin!

This Airbnb is so totally Iowa! Stay in a real grain bin converted into a pretty luxurious, cozy rental.

Pretty sweet, no? You can see the full listing here and book it from the website/Airbnb app. It does appear they do not rent out the property in the winter, however so make sure you jump on it QUICK or plan a trip to Fayette next year. Hey, there's always spring planting season, right?

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