Another weekend is upon us! Hawkeye football (or Cyclone), NFL games aaaand, junk food! I hope anyway. One must have some greasy food-action when watching football, right? That brings us to another hard-hitting study: America's favorite wing sauce, broken down by state.

Iowa is truly the Heartland. The Midwest. The hardworking, farm and ag loving people here seem to all agree on one thing: Spicy foods aren't for us (I don't agree with this assessment for the record). Here's why I say this, other than the fact most people I know who were born and raised here dislike spicy foods. A new article from Grill Cook Bake found each state's favorite BBQ sauce for chicken wings and, our is very, very mild.

Honey BBQ 

Yep, the spice-less, albeit delicious and safe option takes the cake. Erm, wing.

Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash
Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

Iowans don't like spice?


I do love honey BBQ as much as the next guy, or Iowan, but I also like my wins to challenge my pallet. Make my mouth both water and cry at the same time. Maybe I'd be better served to go to Arkansas where they picked Hot Buffalo as their favorite. THAT is more my speed.

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The study also determined Iowan's prefer RANCH with their wings over blue cheese - DUH, it's ranch! And that we prefer the Bone-In or traditional wings to boneless.

So, is anyone else's mouth-watering? I think I know what's for dinner tonight. Mhmm. But sorry, it won't be honey BBQ slathered on my wings... Something hot and painful? Oh yeah! That's the ticket.

See the results from all 50 states here. Be sure to eat lots of wings this weekend, regardless of the flavor.


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