If you're watching TV or even a streaming video, there's a decent chance one of  Applebee's new commercials has splashed across your screen. The ad, promoting Applebee's as a fun, simple date night spot, features everyday joes dancing to a song that blew up on TikTok. The song is country star Walker Hayes' "Fancy Like." But even though it's catchy enough, it's a couple of people and animals that make this ad especially cool.

Iowa beef producers dance their way into our living rooms and laps

The 30-second ad (there's also a 15-second one out there) features a farmer named Amanda Severson who farms alongside her husband Knute, on a century family farm in Wright County, Iowa. The duo runs Grand View Beef, where they raise beef cattle and sells their product all throughout the midwest. Ironically, Amanda and her husband met in Washington State, and never planned to move to Iowa, but his family's farm was enough to get him to move back, and Amanda to move here and join him.

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As for how the appearance in the Applebee's ad goes, since the song was a TikTok hit for Walker Hayes first, it appears they simply asked TikTok users if they could feature their video in the TV commercial. Grand View Beef has a TikTok which it appears Amanda maintains.

If you happen to spot the ad on TV, or before a video on YouTube, be warned: there are two different versions so, you may not see the Grand View Beef version. Also, be warned, the ad might make you hungry and, the song is actually kinda catchy. Dang it...

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