Farmers have seen some dark days during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Meatpacking plant shutdowns due to COVID-19 led to supply and demand issues at grocery stores, and closed restaurants weren't buying as much either. Farmers were faced with difficult decisions including having to destroy their livestock.

But farmers in Iowa were graced by some beneficial weather and good news thanks to some recent rain. Reports according to KCRG say they are well ahead of schedule on corn and soybean planting.

The United States Department of Agriculture has reported that at least 96 percent of the overall expected corn crop for the season is ready as of now, which is ahead of last year at this time and three weeks ahead of the average. Soybeans are approximately on the same pace, according to WHO-TV.

4 days of favorable weather was enough to get them this far ahead of schedule, and again it's good news for a state and a group of workers that really needs it. Farmers are essential workers who have had it especially tough during this pandemic, and any crop production they can complete helps them and the food supply in Iowa and the United States.

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