Not everyone is excited about President Trump coming to Iowa on Wednesday. This is the Trump Event Billboard that chastises and criticizes the President's event in Des Moines Wednesday evening.

The billboard message is seen at the corner of McKinley Ave. and Fleur Drive, which is directly outside the Des Moines International Airport.

The message on this huge digital billboard literally points to the risk of the rally being a possible COVID "super-spreader event", described as any enclosed spaced event where large numbers of people gather for an extended period of time without a requirement of wearing masks.

According to a Press Release, the billboard message was placed by the Iowa Steering Committee of the Rural America 2020 campaign.

“We should all be worried about a President who was in the hospital with COVID last week and who now wants to pack thousands of Iowans into an airport hangar,”

“This is the height of irresponsibility. We saw what happened in the Rose Garden. Why should the President be allowed to bring that kind of superspreader behavior into Iowa, particularly when our cases are rising?”

- Iowa Rural America 2020 Steering Committee member Chris Henning.

The message is expected to remain up through the President’s appearance at his campaign rally in an airport hangar at 7pm Wednesday..

With Covid-19 cases still rising in Iowa, the message may antagonize Trump supporters but may also be seen by health care workers as a reminder to those attending to take necessary steps to guard against others irresponsible behavior. In other words, mask up.

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