There's a new way to hate on your ex this Valentine's Day.

All of us have exes we hate. No matter how the relationship ended, retrospect gives us at least somewhat of an ick. And this week, thanks to February 14th, love is in the spotlight. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is taking that grudge and making it into a good cause.

Neuter Your Ex

The organization came up with 'Neuter Your Ex', where you can donate $15 to name a feral cat after your ex then they will spay or neuter them.

Honestly, love grudge aside, we're going into kitten season and it's very important to get these sweet furballs spayed and neutered so we don't have a bunch of homeless litters of kittens.

For Neuter Your Ex, it's a $15 donation for one name, $50 for 5 names, or $100 for 10 names. So if you want to get group revenge (or at least your own catharsis) on your exes, while also helping out a good cause, this is the way to do it.

After the cat is spayed or neutered, they're released through the organization's "trap-neuter-return" program that stops the breeding cycle. They say about TNR:

TNR works to end reproduction in community cat colonies, stabilizing populations, and improving cats' lives.

If you think it's petty (then we are not the same), the shelter says you can sponsor a pet instead.

Ready to make sure your ex's kitty namesake doesn't reproduce? You can register and buy a spot in the program at Animal Rescue League of Iowa's website.

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