The Powerball jackpot is a big one...a REALLY big one.

If you match all of the numbers on the next drawing, it will be worth over $200 Million dollars. That's a HUGE pile of cash! If I win, I will make some life changes. Here's my list:

  • No more laundry--I'll hire somebody to do that.
  • Limo Service to work--I'd hire Rick from Diamond Limo to pick me up every morning
  • 5 blogs a week instead of 10--I'll bribe my D.M. in cash for less social media requirements.
  • A house for my cat--He doesn't really like me anyway...I'd get him his own place.
  • FREE BEER FRIDAYS--Meet me at a new spot each Friday and I'll pick up the tab, for the entire bar!

I'm wouldn't quit my day job...not a chance. I have way to much fun everyday on The KRNA Morning Show. The next drawing is this Wednesday, February 6th.

Goof luck!


[Source: Iowa Lottery]

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