The general consensus is that people in Iowa are NOT in favor of speed cameras. It's been a very controversial subject, and I think it's time they go. But city and state officials will be looking for that lost, I got an idea!

Let's bring back the TouchPlay machines that were so popular about 12 years ago. People enjoyed playing these "slot machine style" games and the state made a truck load of cash in a very short time.

Let's offset one vice for another! Pick your poison: speeding or gambling?

The machines provided entertainment for people, and here in Cedar Rapids gamblers didn't have to drive 60 miles to get their fix. I even played the machines every now and then, and on one lucky Friday afternoon I hit a jackpot for $1,000!

According to the Iowa Lottery, TouchPlay machines had generated over $30 million in income before the Iowa Legislature shut them down. Local bars and convenience store owners benefited from the machines and it kicked a bunch of cash into the local economy.

The casinos have enough money, let's keep some of that fat cash right here in Linn County and other parts of Iowa that need the help. Scratch the cameras and get the slots back!

Let me know what you think. Should we turn off the cameras and turn on the machines?

Comment below and we can discuss!

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