Following two huge wins to finish their Big Ten regular season, The Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball team is heading to Washington D.C. for the Big10 Tournament this weekend.

The Hawks will face Indiana on Thursday, with a 5:30 p.m. tip off against the Hoosiers, and more than a few fans are wondering why tickets to the game are not selling better.

According to Gazette Sports writer Marc Morehouse, tickets to Iowa's first Big10 Tournament being held in our nation's capitol are not selling very well. In fact the majority of the team's allotment remain unsold less than 48 hours until game time.

It's seems obvious that the distance a fan would need to travel could be a major factor in solving the mystery of the unsold tickets. In prior year the venues in closer locations like Chicago and Indianapolis would draw hundreds of fans from nearby states.

But since the Big10 expanded a few years back and added team like Nebraska and Maryland to the group, the need to dispel the "Midwest-only" mentality seemed inevitable.

It's too bad really, as fans and alumni now don't feel as close to their team during the critical first round of Tournament play.

And that lack of in-house support could impact their play, and possibly leading them to a unpunched ticket to the big dance or an invite to the NIT.

Ask any player, a seat on the bench ain't where you wanna be during the month of March.

[source: Gazette Sports]

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