Every business owner tries a few gimmicks to attract a bigger crowd. We've all heard of the free buffet offered at bars and taverns.

But this time something went wrong. terribly wrong. A really crappy thing happened at a strip club offering a free buffet Friday night.

It seems the free buffet featured some not-so-well-cooked food (possibly shrimp) that caused several of the staff and customers some gastric issues.

And according to reports in the Jackson Telegraph, some of the dancers got a case of the runs. Full blown diarrhea. Right on stage. While they were WURKIN'

If the smell wasn't enough to sicken you, imagine the sight of those scantily clad girls, trying to dance while slippin' and slidin' onstage in high heels.

Reports of "a stream of brown liquid" gushing all over the stage is the final visual I will leave with you...

...along with the club's address, so that you can avoid it the next time you 're thinking of stopping in...

On second thought, never mind.

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