I'd like to wish Paul Stanley a very Happy Birthday! Paul was born on January 20th, 1952. He's the rhythm guitarist and singer of the rock band KISS. Today, he celebrates his 65th birthday.

KISS has always been my favorite band. I remember purchasing the album "Dressed to Kill" when I was just ten years old. This album changed my life. I was ready to run away from home, start a rock band and tour the world. It didn't happen, but you can't fault a kid for dreaming.

Paul has been with KISS from the beginning, when the group formed in the early 1970's. He sings on over half of the catalog and has written many of the bands biggest hits. Paul is by far my favorite KISS member to ever put on the seven inch heels.

Paul did a lot of great things with his career over the last 40 years. Unfortunately, the video below is not one of them. Enjoy this Folgers Coffee commercial featuring the "Star Child" on lead vocals. I was told the commercial got scratched and never made it to air.....Thank God for YouTube!

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