Tom Roeder swung by the studio this morning to promote his world record attempt taking place tonight. Tom broke the record for the most swing dance flips in one minute in 2004 with 17 flips and continued to hold that record from 2005-2009.

Right now, the record stands at 39 flips in one minute and is held by a man in India. Tom is looking to break the record with a solid 40 flips and bring that title back to the good ol' state of I-O-W-A. But that's not the only reason...

Tom is trying to start a "Dance for Alzheimer's" (much like the 'Walk'). There has been some scientific study's that show dancing has a positive effect on lessening the chances for developing Alzheimer's.

Tom is a long-time friend, so we'd support him no matter what, but this cause is one that could reach and more importantly help thousands of people and for that, we thank him for his efforts.

Check out the video below for more details on all things 'swing' and a practice run with our "Girl Friday!"

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