I enjoy the holiday season, but to me, this is the most wonderful time of the year. The temps are manageable. They're not too hot, not too cold (yet). The air is crisp, and the leaves are changing in the Midwest.

Well, they're supposed to be changing anyway. This weekend I stopped and observed a sight I have not witnessed in my front yard since I moved into my house.

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See if you can tell by just looking at it.

Johnny Marks/TSM
The bush outside my Cedar Falls home -- Johnny Marks/TSM

Looks like... summer, right? Let me give you some context. Normally by this time of the year, this tree is red. BRIGHT red. My wife and I jokingly call it our "burning bush". Side note, we've been told that's actually what these bushes/trees are called.

This year, she's still not bruning. It's still green. Totally green.

This is our fifth fall in our home, which by the way is in Cedar Falls. Each fall, this bush right outside our front window, has always begun turning red in September, and by the second weekend in October, it's always been between 50-60% red by this time of year.

Check out September 25th of last year...

Johnny Marks/TSM
Johnny Marks/TSM

One red leaf in the middle! Within 5 or so days of this photo, most of the tree was auburn or bright red. It was crazy how quickly it changed. Same thing with other years, but not 2022.

Now, why is this? Is it a late year for leaves? Well, according to the Iowa DNR, the bush is right on schedule. They estimate peak viewing in eastern and northeastern Iowa will be October 8-15.

They say,

The Fall color season is progressing nicely. Cottonwood, hackberry, elm, basswood and walnut are turning yellow. Virginia creeper and sumac are turning red and orange. The hillsides have splashes of color mostly from sugar maples. Fall colors appear more vibrant this year possibly due to the recent crisp, fall-like weather.

Most of the trees on our block have turned, or begun turning. It's been absolutely lovely. I can't wait 'til our burning bush... "burns". It will soon look like this:

Johnny Marks/TSM
November 2018 Johnny Marks/TSM

How are your fall colors coming along? Keep your eyes peeled, this is supposed to be the week to see those lovely Iowa fall colors!

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