If you're planning on attending Saturday's Iowa Football game, get ready for the heat. Even though it's the middle of September, the heat index at game time could reach the low 90's.....Isn't it great to live in Iowa!

According to The Cedar Rapids Gazette, "The Iowa Athletics Department announced procedural changes to assist fans attending Saturday's 2:35 p.m. game at Kinnick Stadium."

  • The University will provide 'Water Monsters' as hydration stations
  • Fans will be allowed to carry in an unlimited number of water bottles (sealed)
  • Water at the stadium will be sold at a REDUCED PRICE
  • An expanded rest area will be available outside the First Aid Station

That First Aid area is located at the southeast corner of the stadium. This will be a place fans can escape from the heat and get some cool air and hydration.

If you plan to tailgate and have a few 'adult beverages,' here's my advice: Drink one water for every alcoholic drink that you consume. It's an old trick I learned back in college and it never fails me. You stay hydrated, you get less intoxicated and trust me, you'll feel better in the morning!

[Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette Hard Copy Edition]

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