Halloween is just 4 days away, have you purchased your candy yet? Well, if you haven't, today is the best day to do it! That's right, the Friday before Halloween is the cheapest day to make your Halloween candy purchase.

According to BankOnCIT.com, "The worst day to buy candy is ONE day before Halloween. If you wait until the 30th, it could cost 42% more."

The other issue of waiting till the last minute is selection. Some stores will sell out of  premium candy and you'll be stuck handing out raisons to the kids on Halloween. Nobody want a box of raisons on Halloween....Don't be that person.

I'm going with the king size candy bars this year. Why not, let's reward the little ghosts and goblins that will be ringing my doorbell for 2 hours on Tuesday night, driving my cat completely crazy.

King size aren't cheap, I plan to follow my own advice and purchase my candy today...Friday, October 27th.

I just hope I don't eat them all before Tuesday....Wish me luck, Happy Halloween!

[Source: BankOnCIT.com]

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