Byron Buxton played 68 games for the Cedar Rapids Kernels back in 2013. I remember watching him play at Veteran's Memorial Stadium. We all knew this guy had a bright future and would have a lot of success at the Major League level.

Fast forward to Sunday night in Toronto. Byron Buxton had one of his best performances of his career as a member of the Minnesota Twins. He hit three home runs, had four hits, five RBI and even stole a base. The Twins went on to beat the Blue Jays 7-2.

Games like that don't happen very often. Congratulation to the former Cedar Rapids Kernel for a an outstanding night at the plate. As a life-long Twins fan, this makes me very happy. The team is playing great baseball and I hope that will continue.

Could a 'small market' team like the Twins get back to another World Series? If Byron Buxton continues to have games like that, it will certainly help. For more information on Twins baseball, visit

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