The rains that have continued to inundate Iowa, and the midwest, are also having a big impact on roads, including I-29 in western Iowa. Parts of that interstate are closed again, just three weeks after being reopened following a lengthy closure. And, it's not just Iowa that is seeing portions of the interstate closed.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has closed I-29 in these locations:

  • Council Bluffs (local detour in place)
  • From U.S. 34 to the Missouri Border
  • From Exit 61 to Exit 71

The photo at the top is from an IDOT camera on I-29, about 15 miles north of the Iowa/Missouri border. That is the portion of the interstate now closed between U.S. 34 and the Missouri border. The same area of I-29 was closed due to flooding from March until May 8.

The photo below is from an IDOT camera near Honey Creek, north of Council Bluffs, along I-29. That portion of the interstate is also closed.


A large part of I-29 is also closed in Missouri. All the areas of the interstate in red below are currently closed.


This DOT map shows closures across the state of Iowa, most of which are due to flooding. Click HERE for specific information on each closure.

Please, Mother Nature, turn off the faucet. Please.