If there is one thing this virus has taught me is that I don't need a weekend in Vegas to have a good time. It's non-essential when compared to survival.

But boredom can kill, so I need to change up the routine even if it isn't very exciting or even interesting in the trendiest way.

With just a minimal amount of snooping, I realized I can still find things going on around Cedar Rapids, some live, many virtual, that can be plugged in to fill the day with a few activity options.

Some of the planners have taken measures to create events that will be lightly attended. Some on site events are following stricter guidelines than others.

Here's just a few things going on:

McGrath Powersports Bike Night 4645 Center Point Rd. tonight until 9:00 p.m. Burnourt for BOCA Contest, Unveiling of 2020 Indian Scout to be given away later this summer and the first chance to win a key that could start it up. KRNA Live broadcast with Jaymz Larson til 7pm.

Kick off your evening at 7:00 p.m. tonight a virtual concert featuring Well Hung at Marion By Moonlight broadcast on KCRG TV 9.2

The Linn County Virtual 4-H and FFA Fair is going on now through June 29 with farm and livestock competitions, Dog and Horse shows and more. For those keeping score you can follow along with the judging here.

Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival has a Pancake Breakfast Pick Up at ImOn Ice Saturday morning 8:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m. It's just one of many activites going on over the next ten days

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance reports more Cedar Rapids restaurants, stores and bars are handing out free rally cards - collect 5 and you can redeem them for your own Rally Cap. Check out this list of participating members and shop local.

And finally for a nightcap check in to say hello and congrats to Cedar Rapids newest Power Couple Jake and Amy at their Friday night Grand Opening of the Kingston Pub at 729 1st Ave SW. You gotta know that's going to be a big fun time. We want pictures.

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