On this Easter weekend, there are many who believe we are still living in the age of miracles. These stories may not be as epic as the biblical parting of the Red Sea, but they are just as spectacular as reminders of who, what and why we believe.

Baby Born

September 2014 - Boca Raton, Florida: A 40-year old woman came back to life after being dead for 45 minutes during an emergency c-section operation.


March 2015 - Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania: A 22 month old boy who had fallen into an icy stream was resuscitated after 100 minutes of continuous CPR.

Cedar River

March 2015 - Spanish Fork River, Utah: Even more incredible, an 18 month old child submerged in a car for 14 hours was discovered only when a "mysterious voice" calls to rescuers.


February 1999 - Colorado Springs: Catholic Nuns hold a nine-day prayer vigil and cure a sick 4 year-old boy's medical condition that had doctors baffled. The Vatican confirms it as a miracle.


March 2018 - Loyola-Chicago: Sister Jean inspires and prays for the Loyola-Chicago college men's basketball team, who advance to the Final Four in the NCAA 2018 Championship season. Today Loyola will play Michigan in hopes of moving on to the National Championship game on Monday April 2.

In the 1977 movie "Oh God!" George Burns famously said that his (God's) last miracle was the 1969 New York Mets. Many Chicago Cubs fans feel the same way just two years ago. So let's cheer for Loyola! All it takes is a little faith.

Happy Easter!

[source: Beliefnet]

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