If you were outside last night around 8:40, you very well may have seen something streak across the sky as the sun was preparing to set. If you saw it, you definitely were not alone. The American Meteor Society says they've received more than 240 reports from people who saw the fireball, which actually flew over eastern Iowa.

American Meteor Society

Here are a few videos from last night. The American Meteor Society believes it was likely an "Earth grazing fireball" and that many people believe they saw it break into pieces meaning "... the meteoroid actually went through the Earth atmosphere."

The fireball was actually seen from nine states: Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, and Nebraska. The graphic below shows the areas where the reports came from.

American Meteor Society

This is a security cam video made into a quick .gif. It clearly shows the area lighting up as the meteoroid passes. The video is from Ohio.

More fireballs could be seen in a couple weeks. The Alpha Capricornids are July 26 and 27 and a full moon could provide an even better show.