This would have been the weekend the city of Waterloo traditionally hosts it’s popular Irish Fest. But this is 2020 and things are a little different.

Instead of cooking up famous Irish fair like Reuben sandwiches, restaurant owner Gary Schumaker who runs the Lincoln Perk Coffee House in downtown Waterloo has a new taste sensation that you may want to try. It's a bit of head-scratcher as to how he came up with this new sandwich idea, Gary said he was simply shooting for something different.

It’s the alligator grilled cheese sandwich served on a jalapeño cornbread. According to KWWL, the Cajun flavored delicacy is prepared fresh every day and comes with cheese curds toasted in the oven for what should be a truly unique taste sensation.

So what does alligator taste like? I’ve had some unique delicacies, like frog legs, crawfish, and octopus. I also enjoy clams, mussels and other shellfish.  I’ve had buffalo burgers, elk and venison. But alligator will be a new one for me.

I’m sure I will know after one bite whether I like it or not. It may be a case that I say “see you later“.

Knowing what a cheapskate I am, even if I didn’t like the taste of it I would probably finish the sandwich anyway. My mama always taught me to clean my plate.

But if I ultimately end up not liking the taste of alligator you can rest assured that it’ll be a while before I ever try crocodile.

Feeling brave and daring? You can try the alligator sandwich for yourself at Lincoln Perk Coffee House at 218 E. 4th St. in downtown Waterloo.

Source: KWWL

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