There are plenty of great breweries with awesome craft beers here in the state of Iowa, but according to a new article, the very best place to visit is only a short drive from Cedar Rapids!

The website Eat This recently posted an article outlining the "Best Beer Spot" in all 50 states. They compiled their list using lots of reviews, plus awards that each brewery has earned. Those factors led to Big Grove Brewery in Solon being named the number one pick in Iowa! The article reads:

"Big Grove Brewery is home to award-winning craft brews and an outstanding food menu, which can be tough to find at a brewery. They also host special events and live music."

Big Grove Brewery opened at 101 W Main Street in Solon back in 2013, and it was so successful that they opened a second location in Iowa City in 2017. We recently found out that a third location is set to open over in Des Moines in May of 2022, and in 2023 they plan to expand to Cedar Rapids.

According to their official website, Big Grove puts a big focus on the quality of their beer AND their food. The site says:

"Our goal remains the same: to produce clean, dry, effervescent, aromatic beers and provide authentically prepared food sourced from homegrown ingredients whenever possible."

The Solon location currently offers 13 Big Grove beers, including Easy Eddy, which was a gold medal winner at the 2019 Open Beer Championship. Some of the other options are Last Dance, Big Bertha, Arms Race, Boomtown Premium, and the seasonal favorite Summer Jam.

Unfortunately, I've never been to the Big Grove Brewery in Solon, but I have had the pleasure of visiting the one in Iowa City several times. I'm a big fan of the food, especially the mac & cheese and the Buffalo wings. It looks like the Solon menu has a slightly larger menu, so I will have to check them out ASAP!


Do you agree with Big Grove as the pick for the best beer spot in Iowa, or is there another place you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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