When it comes to driving my wife and I are "fuel-ish" We travel light, make fewer trips and don't punch the accelerator with a jackrabbit start when the traffic light turns green. We like to save money and gas.

So it really burns us up when  the holiday arrive and gas prices automatically go up. If you've thought the same, that it seems like a conspiracy, you're not alone. But it sure isn't just your imagination.

Gas prices DO spike around the holidays.

Which seems a lot like 'gouging" if you ask me. But it's probably more likely the simple axiom of supply and demand.

According to the Gas Buddy website, the price per gallon of gas in Eastern Iowa fluctuates greatly today, just two days before the the 4th of July.

Marion gas

Wow, that's a big price difference, and just a few miles apart!

But if you travel just a bit further to Cedar Rapids you can probably save even a little more:

CR gas

So the bottom line is this: Fill the tank as soon as you can to get the best price. Around the holidays, you're just going to have to pay a little more...or stay closer to home.

[source: Gas Buddy]

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