The number of passengers flying out of The Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids continues to go up. In fact, the airport recently set a new record for the number of passengers. However, don't expect that to translate to lower prices to fly out of EIA.

The reason for the new record is that airlines are using larger planes to fly in and out of Cedar Rapids. That means more seats to fill. It's a money saver for the airlines, but don't expect those savings to trickle down. The U.S. Department of Transportation says that the average cost of a flight out of Cedar Rapids is $445. Compare that to average rates of $400 in the Quad Cities and $380 in Des Moines. An airline consultant says prices are about as low as they can go for Cedar Rapids.

While the bigger planes did help set the new passenger record and offered more options for destinations, there is a downside. Fewer flight times being the main one. Despite the challenges, consultants say The Eastern Iowa Airport is in a good spot. A huge renovation project at the airport continues. A 54,000 square foot addition will feature new stairs and an escalator to go up to the concourse, as well as a new patio area.


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