Sometimes good stories just write themselves. This is one of those times.

Picture it: A new patrol car is making it's way down the street with it's freshly painted drunk driving awareness messages when out of nowhere a drunk driver SLAMS into the side of the car!

According to NBC-2 in Florida, 63-year old Paul Wilkins was driving drunk on Saturday night when he lost control and crashed into the new drunk driving awareness car. He was then arrested for DUI and taken to the police station in, get this, THE CAR HE HIT!

And if that wasn't enough, take a look at his mugshot! His shirt reads, "I'M CURRENTLY UNSUPERVISED." No kidding...

If this isn't irony, I don't know what is.

Mug Shot
Photo: Citrus County Sheriff's Office

[Source: NBC-2.COM]

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