The incident happened on May 22nd, 2012. Jerald Reiter is the name of the man that was arrested that night. You may remember his story, it's one for the ages.

Photo: Dubuque Police
Photo: Dubuque Public info file

Reiter, who lives in Cascade, was in Dubuque doing some serious drinking. He was in the parking lot of a bar called The Dog House. Police got a tip that a man was leaving the establishment, and that he was very intoxicated.

When the cops arrived, he was trying to leave the parking lot in his truck....and he wasn't alone. In the passenger seat was his girlfriend, on his shoulder was a parrot and in the back was a zebra. Yup, you read that right. A parrot and a zebra. Only in Iowa!

Plains Zebra (Equus Burchelli) close-up
Reiter's girlfriend told authorities, "The animals love going for rides. We treat them like our children and they go everywhere with us." Apparently, that means trips to the bar as well.
The officer conducted a breathalyzer test that Reiter failed with a blood alcohol content of .148. The legal limit in Iowa is .08. So you have a guy driving around Dubuque drunk.....with a parrot and a zebra. What could go wrong!

This story is coming up on its 7 month anniversary. It makes me think, what ever happened to Jerald Reiter? And more importantly, what happened to the parrot and the zebra?

I've been trying to track down Mr. Reiter for an interview on my morning show, but have had no luck. If you know him, have him hit me up on the Facebook. I'd love to chat about zebras, parrots and Patron.

And always remember kids: If you drink, have a designated driver.

Or next time, let the zebra drive.


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